Paid Digital Advertising and SEO, Tips, Tricks and Hack for 💥💥 GROWTH 💥💥

Can you really grow a business with Digital Ads? How can you find success with any sized ad budget?
Welcome to the ScreamingBox Technology and Business Rundown podcast.

In this podcast, Botond Seres and Dave Erickson are going to pay to play with Brandon Leibowitz, CEO of SEO Optimizers.

In 2008, Brandon started SEO Optimizers after working extensively at ad agencies helping their clients with search engine optimization and paid advertising. Since then, he focuses on helping small and medium-sized companies get ranked at the top of Google by using search engine optimization tactics and bringing in traffic via social media and paid ads.

For this podcast we are looking for ROI in the learning about paid digital Ads tips, tricks and hacks. In addition, how can SEO lower ad costs and improve visitor retention and gain Higher Quality Scores.

Summary Timetable:
03:00 - Paid digital ads for small businesses.
02:16 - Paid advertising platforms and their effectiveness.
06:20 - Amazon ads and Google ads for product companies.
10:26 - Digital marketing strategies and Google ads.
15:10 - Ad testing and remarketing strategies.
18:05 - Remarketing strategies for small businesses.
23:28 - Remarketing, YouTube ads, and competitor targeting.
26:56 - YouTube optimization and SEO strategies.
32:36 - YouTube SEO and keyword research.
35:20 - SEO strategies and ad budget allocation.
40:13 - Ad spend optimization and profit margins.
43:01 - Optimizing website user experience for conversions.
48:06 - E-commerce website optimization and testing.
50:28 - SEO challenges and user experience.
56:34 - SEO and AI's impact on content creation.
1:00:47 - What is the future of SEO and Paid Ads.
1:02:49 - Outro

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Creators and Guests

Botond Seres
Botond Seres
ScreamingBox developer extraordinaire.
Dave Erickson
Dave Erickson
Dave Erickson has 30 years of very diverse business experience covering marketing, sales, branding, licensing, publishing, software development, contract electronics manufacturing, PR, social media, advertising, SEO, SEM, and international business. A serial entrepreneur, he has started and owned businesses in the USA and Europe, as well as doing extensive business in Asia, and even finding time to serve on the board of directors for the Association of Internet Professionals. Prior to ScreamingBox, he was a primary partner in building the Fatal1ty gaming brand and licensing program; and ran an internet marketing company he founded in 2002, whose clients include Gunthy-Ranker, Qualcomm, Goldline, and Tigertext.
Paid Digital Advertising and SEO, Tips, Tricks and Hack for 💥💥 GROWTH 💥💥
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