CYBERSECURITY Trends and Advice to Help YOU Protect Your Business

What are you going to do to protect your business from hackers out to steal your data, or worse your customers data?

In this podcast, Dave Erickson and his esteemed co-host Botond Seres, are  going to peer into the dark world of cyber crime and cybersecurity, with our guest Steve Orrin, Federal CTO & Sr. Principal Engineer of Intel Corp.

Steve is a dynamic leader with a wealth of experience in technology and cybersecurity; across various sectors, including public and private companies, as well as federal agencies.

Notably, he has advised federal agencies, the Department of Defense, and the Intelligence Community on technology matters while also influencing cybersecurity strategies at Intel Corporation.

Before joining Intel, he had a successful stint launching startup companies and growing them in order to be acquired, and in doing so delivered market-leading solutions to Fortune 1000 clients.

Summary Timeline
00:00 Cybersecurity threats and best practices with a federal CTO and Intel engineer.
01:52 Cybersecurity threats and trends, including AI adoption by attackers.
06:26 Supply chain security and software development lifecycle.
11:55 Integrating security into software development lifecycle.
16:31 Supply chain security, sharing information between vendors to ensure quality and safety.
18:58 Federal CTO role at Intel, focusing on translating commercial tech for gov't use cases.
23:48 Security challenges and benefits of remote work during COVID-19 pandemic.
28:49 Evolving cybersecurity strategies for remote work and zero-trust architecture.
33:52 Multi-factor authentication and its importance in cybersecurity.
38:52 Cybersecurity, resilience, and recovery.
42:25 Cybersecurity resilience and disaster recovery strategies.
47:14 Backup and recovery strategies for critical systems in a multi-cloud environment.
50:00 Penetration testing effectiveness and its role in enhancing security.
55:24 Anti-malware solutions, importance of comprehensive monitoring and latest technologies.
58:07 AI's impact on cybersecurity, including phishing attacks and generative AI.
1:03:25 Using AI to improve cybersecurity by analyzing large volumes of data, detecting anomalies, and automating tasks.
1:06:48 Securing internet infrastructure and protecting data.
1:12:51 Data privacy and security challenges in the US and globally, with a focus on GDPR and state-level regulations.
1:15:51 Future of Cybersecurity and advancements using AI and hardware-based security.
1:19:30 Outro

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CYBERSECURITY Trends and Advice to Help YOU Protect Your Business
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