How AI will change JOBS and HIRING & how to PROTECT your work and your FUTURE job.

Afraid that AI will take away your job? Does that affect how you behave around your boss? What should you do?

Welcome to the ScreamingBox Technology and Business Rundown podcast. In this podcast, Dave Erickson and his knowledgeable co-host Botond Seres, are going to divide and conquer which work AI should do and what should be left to the humans; with Christopher Lind, Founder of

On LearningSharks, you will find all the latest videos and discussions in developing skills, technology, navigating careers, corporate culture, and finding harmony between a personal and professional life.

In addition to Learning Sharks, Chris is currently VP, Chief Learning Officer at ChenMed where he is leading their healthcare enterprise learning strategy to improve the skills, performance, and wellbeing of their employees.

Prior to that, he was Head of Global Digital Learning at GE Healthcare where he led the organization that was accountable for the digital transformation of learning and talent development for the global commercial and marketing functions.

00:03 AI's impact on jobs, motivation, and emotional state.
02:07 The adoption of AI in the workplace and its potential impact on jobs.
07:08 AI in healthcare, marketing, and education.
15:52 Work and productivity and the impact of AI.
21:00 AI's limitations and the importance of human skills.
26:32 The changing workflows of writing and editing due to AI.
29:01 AI's limitations in writing and the need for human input.
33:37 Job descriptions and workforce disruption in the HR industry.
36:48 The impact of AI engineering jobs and decision-making.
41:00 AI's impact on jobs and employee motivation.
44:55 Hiring, AI and trust in the workplace.
51:36 AI's impact on jobs and society.
57:05 Future of education and AI
59:08 Outro

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Creators and Guests

Botond Seres
Botond Seres
ScreamingBox developer extraordinaire.
Dave Erickson
Dave Erickson
Dave Erickson has 30 years of very diverse business experience covering marketing, sales, branding, licensing, publishing, software development, contract electronics manufacturing, PR, social media, advertising, SEO, SEM, and international business. A serial entrepreneur, he has started and owned businesses in the USA and Europe, as well as doing extensive business in Asia, and even finding time to serve on the board of directors for the Association of Internet Professionals. Prior to ScreamingBox, he was a primary partner in building the Fatal1ty gaming brand and licensing program; and ran an internet marketing company he founded in 2002, whose clients include Gunthy-Ranker, Qualcomm, Goldline, and Tigertext.
How AI will change JOBS and HIRING & how to PROTECT your work and your FUTURE job.
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