Start-up funding options and making a compelling funding pitch.

Trying to get your business start-up funded? Is all you are hearing from investors is crickets? How can you get an Angel Investor to fund your start-up? What can you do to ensure that you can get the start-up capital you need to make your business come alive!

In this podcast, Dave Erickson, co-host Botond Seres are going to find the money by talking with DC Palter - founder of

DC is an angel investor, startup mentor, and a published author and novelist. He has invested directly in about 37 companies over 10 years, and 100 other invested companies as part of two angel investor groups: Tech Coast Angels and Chemical Angel Network.  

He started his career as an energy engineer; and energy sustainability remains his passion, even though most of his working career and 2 successful businesses he built were actually in the computer networking industry. 

In this Podcast, we are going to discuss Angel Funding and how you can make a fundable business model and a winning funding presentation. 

We will also discuss what are the different types of funding options, what investors are looking for when investing in a company, and what are the best investment terms for various investment deals.

Summary Timeline:
00:04 - Angel funding and creating a fundable business model.
02:07 - Entrepreneurship, funding, and career path.
05:17 - Government grants for sustainable energy startups. 
10:30 - Startup pitches and business models.
14:13 - Startup funding and investment strategies.
19:22 - Venture capital, business growth, and investment strategies.
24:50 - Angel investors and industry insiders in startup funding.
27:79 - Investing in startups and evaluating business pitches.
33:00 - Building and protecting businesses with intellectual property.
36:15 - Patents, IP, and funding pitches.
42:58 - Investing in startups with a focus on chemistry and materials. 
48:15 - Startup investment terms and valuation.
51:39 - Startup funding and investing in Silicon Valley.
54:02 - The future of funding.
59:37 - Authorship and New Book
1:00:41 - Outro

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Botond Seres
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Dave Erickson
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Start-up funding options and making a compelling funding pitch.
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