Interview: Tony Ma - Co-Founder of Benten Technologies

The first in our series of Interviews, Iman Kaur from ScreamingBox interviews Tony Ma, a co-founder of Benten Technologies ( ) a Social Impact Company focused on the healthcare industry. Benten Technologies is a social entrepreneurial firm that is passionate about developing digital health and digital therapeutic products that have a lasting impact on the world and democratize healthcare. The company’s tagline is “Do. Better. Wow!”, since they are passionate about making an impact on healthcare based on the thesis of leveraging time, technology and education. They believe in doing the right thing, being agile in their approach, and doing the research needed to come up with better innovations for better outcomes to make a better world.
Join us in an interview with Tony Ma, a co-founder of Benten Technologies ( ) a Social Impact Company focused on the healthcare industry. Tony goes deep into his successful journey in the world of management consulting for large Enterprise firms, and how his global success motivated him to build a business that would have a real and lasting social impact.

Together with their partners at the local, state, federal, and international levels, Benten Technologies is working hard each and every day to provide cost-effective solutions and services that transform the lives of people around the world. They are focused on providing evidence-based solutions and services that are flexible, scalable, and efficient for their partners. The results of their work have improved the lives of people in the community and increased returns on investments.

Benten Technologies utilizes its proven user-centered design and agile methodologies and expertise as its backbone in delivering value-driven business solutions. With their methodologies and fundamentals, they have been delivering impact-driven solutions to their customers and the community.

Why Benten Technologies? Because They Want To Make a Difference
They constantly and continuously collaborate with the community and customers to solve real world problems
They leverage industry-best practices to maximize outcomes and impact
They implement theory-driven and evidence-based solutions
They improve the lives of people in the community through transformative technological solutions and research
They develop education solutions so the children of tomorrow reach their full potential

Main Services:
Research & Development
Application Development


You can contact Tony via LinkedIn:
Tony is the President and Owner of Benten Technologies, Inc. He has a Masters's Degree in Telecommunications and Computer Networks and is a certified PMP with over 15 years of experience managing, implementing, and delivering solutions for global enterprises. His experience includes work in industries such as federal and state government, telecommunications, financial, and health care. His expertise includes implementation of Program Management Offices, IT strategic planning and analysis, Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) evaluations, and research and development (R&D). Tony has worked with many organizations and agencies including Veterans Health Administration, State of Maryland (all 64 agencies), NIH Institutes (NIA, NIDA, NICHD, NCI, NIMHD, and CDC), FDA, MedStar Health, clinical setting, and various universities (University of Alabama at Birmingham, George Washington University, Northwestern University, and others). His hobbies are spending time with his kids and reading with the occasional hacking at golf.

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Interview: Tony Ma - Co-Founder of Benten Technologies
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