Is it all a game? Principles and hacks of GAMIFICATION and using it to grow your business!

So what is one of the fastest growing business trends in the last year? AI? Chat? You would be surprised! Want to find a way to grow your business and stand out from the crowd?

In this ScreamingBox Technology and Business Rundown podcast, we going to try to game the system by talking with Damien Roux and Christopher Bradley from the SAAS Gamification platform

We are going to go in depth to find out why companies large and small are finding that Gamification may be a great way to lure in, educate, and connect with potential customers and grow your business.

Damien is the Co-Founder and CEO of Drimify, and is a creative entrepreneur, passionate about the superpowers of gamification and how to use them to drive engagement and boost business growth.

Christopher is a content creator and product specialist at Drimify, who graduated and worked in journalism before moving into content creation and marketing.

Drimify, the SAAS gamification platform trusted by businesses around the world to connect with people and effectively communicate brand and product value to a new audience.

Dave Erickson and his co-host Botond Seres discuss the concept of gamification and its potential to grow businesses on the ScreamingBox podcast. They discuss with Damien and Christopher how companies are using gamification to engage and connect with customers.

Damien shares the journey of starting the company and explains that gamification triggers emotions and is ingrained in human nature. Christopher adds that gamification is a means to an end, using game mechanics to achieve desired responses and engage users. They discuss various examples of gamification, including loyalty programs, marketing games, and interactive ads, highlighting how it can improve key performance indicators, increase website retention, and effectively convey advertising messages.

This ScreamingBox episode delves into the power of gamification in growing businesses, and sheds light on how utilizes gamification to connect with customers and communicate brand value. The conversation emphasizes that gamification triggers emotions, making it a natural and effective approach to engage users. It also differentiates gamification from casual gaming, emphasizing that gamification is a means to an end, serving specific purposes rather than merely entertaining users. The discussion highlights the wide range of applications for gamification, including loyalty programs, marketing games, and interactive ads, and how it can improve key performance indicators and enhance user engagement.

Also discussed are the various aspects of gamification and its applications in different business contexts. The choice of game mechanics depends on the goals and objectives of the campaign or project. Quizzes and questionnaires are effective for educating and testing knowledge, while instant win game mechanics, such as spinning a wheel or using scratch cards, can be used to give away promo codes and increase conversions and sales.

It is important to have variety in game mechanics to keep marketing engaging. The conversation also highlights the use of gamification in different stages of the customer journey, such as acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue. Gamification is seen as a powerful tool for engaging with audiences and creating emotional connections with customers.

The guests also discuss the importance of the analytics aspect of gamification. Integrating gamification into websites or mobile apps allows businesses to gather data and insights on participation rates, engagement rates, player behavior, and the impact of gamification on sales and conversions. The analytics provided by gamification platforms like Drimify can help businesses track and measure the success of their gamification campaigns and make data-driven decisions to optimize their strategies.

02:03 - How did you get started with Drimify?
04:27 - How can Gamification help businesses engage customers and improve brand loyalty?
07:03 - Specific Gamification experiences that work better than others.
12:04 - How to use games to improve the KPIs of your website.
17:17 - An example of a small business that is starting with Gamification?
20:56 - Can Gamification be implemented at every stage of the customer journey?
25:59 - Plan in advance and make sure that Gamification and games are part of your strategy.
31:24 - How to use Gamification to get the information you want to get.
34:25 - What are the types of game mechanics and how do you apply them?
41:33 - How does AI fit into the future of Gamification?
44:19 - Do you have tools on Drimify that help businesses integrate games into their websites and mobile apps?
48:20 - How long are games created on Drimify last?
51:57 - What does the future of Gamification look like?
52:40 - Outro

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Dave Erickson
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Is it all a game? Principles and hacks of GAMIFICATION and using it to grow your business!
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