The Real POWER of Business Referrals! Use them to πŸ“ˆ CONQUER πŸ“ˆ the business world!

No customers?! No leads? Is it possible to start and grow a business without hiring an expensive sales team?

In this podcast, Botond Seres and Dave Erickson, are going to examine the power of referrals with Brandon Barnum, CEO of HOA.COM.

Brandon is a business visionary driving innovation and success across diverse industries. As CEO of a, a web platform for Home Owner’s Associations; he has transformed the home services landscape by establishing a trusted network of certified professionals. This network has not only saved homeowners time and money; but has also fostered trust within communities.

Prior to, Brandon served as President of, where he led a global referral marketing system; and Brandon's impact has resonated across the entrepreneurial landscape, reflecting his commitment to connecting communities and fostering excellence.

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Summary Timetable:

00:03 Referrals and relationships for business growth.
01:59 Referrals in business, including their value and how to ask for them.
07:51 Referral partnerships and networking.
14:29 Referrals and perfect prospects in business.
19:32 Using AI to optimize business operations and improve client relationships.
25:07 Using personality insights for sales and referrals.
30:29 Personality types and their traits.
35:34 Understanding and catering to different personality types in sales.
40:32 Referral strategies for businesses and consumers.
46:17 Referral marketing strategies and book recommendations.
51:17 Referrals and networking for business growth.
53:35 Outro

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Brandon Barnum - CEO of

Brandon Barnum is a visionary entrepreneur and seasoned business leader based in Phoenix, Arizona, with a track record of driving innovation and success across various industries. Currently serving as the CEO of since April 2019, Brandon has been instrumental in revolutionizing the home services landscape.

Professional Journey at
As the CEO of, Brandon has spearheaded a mission to connect communities through a network of trusted home service professionals. Under his leadership, has become a go-to platform for homeowners seeking reliable, vetted, and certified service providers. Brandon's commitment to quality and excellence has resulted in a handpicked network of professionals, each possessing a positive community reputation and a wealth of 5-star reviews. His strategic vision has not only saved homeowners time, energy, and money but has also fostered a sense of trust and reliability within communities.

Chairman of The Champions Institute:
In addition to his role at, Brandon serves as the Chairman of The Champions Institute since November 2020. This institute focuses on optimizing businesses by enhancing their people, processes, and profits. Through personalized training and coaching programs, The Champions Institute empowers individuals to become champions both personally and professionally.

Brandon's leadership prowess extends to the technology sector, where he served as the CEO of CODEBREAKER TECHNOLOGIES, LLC from July 2019 to February 2020. Here, he introduced a groundbreaking system, Codebreaker.AI, designed to help sales professionals close deals faster by identifying prospects' buying behavior. This scientifically validated approach resulted in significant increases in sales conversions, offering a unique solution to common challenges in the sales process.

President of
Prior to his role at CODEBREAKER, Brandon served as the President of Global Referral Marketing System and Lead Generation at from January 2014 to March 2019. Under his leadership, became a dynamic referral marketing system with a global reach, helping professionals in over 130 countries build trusted referral networks and fill their sales pipelines with warm leads. The platform streamlined the process of engaging, teaming up, and promoting services for a wide range of business professionals.

CEO of
Brandon's journey in the referral marketing domain began as the CEO of from September 2011 to December 2013. His efforts eventually led to the merger of, paving the way for the creation of

Brandon Barnum's multifaceted leadership experience, coupled with his commitment to community building and business optimization, makes him a dynamic force in the entrepreneurial landscape. His dedication to connecting communities and fostering excellence continues to leave a lasting impact on the industries he ventures into.

Creators and Guests

Botond Seres
Botond Seres
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Dave Erickson
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The Real POWER of Business Referrals! Use them to πŸ“ˆ CONQUER πŸ“ˆ the business world!
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