User Experience strategies to make products to stand out and be successful

Standing out in a crowd can make you millions! Developing a new idea? How can you ensure successful product differentiation?

User Experience, also known as UX - is probably not what you think it is.

In this podcast, Dave Erickson and Botond Seres are going to chat about UX and product success with Ken Lonyai - UX award winner and UX consultant.

Ken is a true product geek - part innovator, part product manager, and part UX designer. He's a entrepreneur and a UX Award winner, and he coined the acronym H-U-I for Human User Interface - which are technologies that make digital UI's more human-like.

These days, Ken's focus is primarily on user-facing AI, such as intelligent assistants, chatbots, conversational intelligence, and their underlying technologies.

In this Podcast, we are going to chat about how to make products stand-out and be successful - by focusing on what makes your product great - which is your customers' experience with it!

As a bonus, we are also going to chat about integrating ChatGPT and other chat bots into the UX process and product designs, which we feel is going to be key to building successful digital products going forward.

00:04 - Introduction to the podcast.
03:45 - What is UX and why is it necessary?
06:49 - How to get feedback from your users.
12:18 - The problem with wait time indicators and queue messaging.
16:31 - Why not a persona for salespeople?
21:37 - How many people to interview and how long to interview?
28:28 - What is the deliverable?
33:58 - How do you ask the right questions?
38:19 - Using Lorem ipsum (sample text) to summarize results.
40:53 - UX rules for developing a Chatbot that actually functions correctly?
47:34 - The edge cases that get neglected.
53:01 - How can a chatbot help a customer?
1:01:11 - UX and how it will evolve in the future.
1:05:32 - Contact Info and Outro.

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Botond Seres
Botond Seres
ScreamingBox developer extraordinaire.
Dave Erickson
Dave Erickson
Dave Erickson has 30 years of very diverse business experience covering marketing, sales, branding, licensing, publishing, software development, contract electronics manufacturing, PR, social media, advertising, SEO, SEM, and international business. A serial entrepreneur, he has started and owned businesses in the USA and Europe, as well as doing extensive business in Asia, and even finding time to serve on the board of directors for the Association of Internet Professionals. Prior to ScreamingBox, he was a primary partner in building the Fatal1ty gaming brand and licensing program; and ran an internet marketing company he founded in 2002, whose clients include Gunthy-Ranker, Qualcomm, Goldline, and Tigertext.
User Experience strategies to make products to stand out and be successful
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