Web3.0: NFT's, Blockchain and Art

For this month's podcast, we have invited Web 3.0 artist Rylee Armond, to help us understand how NFTs are fueling a digital art revolution, and what are the technology and business opportunities that Web3.0 offers to creators. Rylee is a multidisciplinary surreal artist with a background in consulting, and has showcased her art at events like NFT NYC and NFT Expoverse LA. She is currently the founder of Omnicake, which is focused on media consulting for blockchain based projects, creating art based experiences and navigating Web3.0 and the Metaverse. Your host Dave Erickson and Botond Seres explore the mysterious world of Web3.0 and ask vivid questions about the practicality of Web3.0 and the value that art has in everyone's life, even for those living in the Metaverse. To catch up with all our Podcasts, please go to https://podcast.screamingbox.com/
Web3.0 (also known as Web3) is an idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web which incorporates concepts such as decentralization, blockchain technologies, and token-based economics, AR and VR.The term "Web3" was coined in 2014 by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood, and the idea gained interest in 2021 from cryptocurrency enthusiasts, large technology companies, and venture capital firms.

NFT stands for non-fungible token, which is incredibly broad and allows NFTs to have many different categories, features and utilities including projects surrounding art, music, and much more as token-gated software is developed. Some NFTs are 1/1s while others are editions, or part of a larger collection, but all NFTs use blockchain technology to verify digital ownership of the asset.

In this Podcast, your host Dave Erickson and Botond Seres discuss many of the details of Web.30 and the growing NFT art movement with Web3.0 expert and surreal artist Rylee Armond from Omnicake.

During this podcast, we ask some of the critical questions that people have about Web3.0, NFT’s and Digital Art:
  • 1:29  - Tell us about your art, and how you got started in web 3.0 technologies.
  • 5:56 - Can you explain how NFTs work? What's that connection between an NFT and art?
  • 7:27 - What kind of IP rights are tied to NFT’s? Is this like the right to the art? 
  • 9:27 - What is your definition of Web 3.0?
  • 11:47 -  What do you think is the connection between web 3.0 And The Metaverse? 
  • 14:27 - How easy is it for someone to start producing NFTs and making art something that people can own and putting together a room in The Metaverse? 
  • 26:55 - What will be the impact of the Ethereum merge and will it make it no longer profitable to mine Ethereum?
  • 27:50 - Does it mean that crypto mining has kind of run its course and is no longer very profitable?
  • 29:17 - If you are an artist, and you are going to put up an NFT of some of your art, do you need to go through the minting process?
  • 29:54 - What does it cost to mint an NFT?
  • 32:18 - In putting your art on an NFT, what was your goal of why you would do that? Why were you making your art in NFT? Was there a specific reason? 
  • 35:32 - What makes for a good NFT experience, whether it's art, or whether it's a piece of music, or a piece of code?
  • 37:23 - How do people determine the value of an NFT in the art world?
  • 39:30 - What type of scams or tricks are people trying to do in the NFT market? 
  • 42:00 - What is Omnicake? What kind of business is it?
  • 45:07 - Are there any downsides to having NFTs or putting your art as NFTs? Are there challenges or downsides that people need to be aware of?
  • 50:24 - What's the process for selling an NFT? And how difficult is it?
  • 52:22 - If I just made an NFT, minted it and just stuck it up on any listing place what are the odds of somebody saying, Oh, wow, I want that, I'm gonna buy it?
  • 53:20 - So if you are not a developer, and you wanted to kind of become a developer who could do their own blockchain and NFT work, besides some basic web 2.0 technologies, what would be the things that you would have done or what kind of development tools or languages would you need to learn in order to do that?
  • 54:35 - Why are most smart contracts coded in Java? 
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Botond Seres
Botond Seres
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Dave Erickson
Dave Erickson has 30 years of very diverse business experience covering marketing, sales, branding, licensing, publishing, software development, contract electronics manufacturing, PR, social media, advertising, SEO, SEM, and international business. A serial entrepreneur, he has started and owned businesses in the USA and Europe, as well as doing extensive business in Asia, and even finding time to serve on the board of directors for the Association of Internet Professionals. Prior to ScreamingBox, he was a primary partner in building the Fatal1ty gaming brand and licensing program; and ran an internet marketing company he founded in 2002, whose clients include Gunthy-Ranker, Qualcomm, Goldline, and Tigertext.
Web3.0: NFT's, Blockchain and Art
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