ChatGPT - Where to Start - How, What and Why

In this month’s podcast hosts Dave Erickson and Botond Seres are going to venture into the mysterious world of ChatGPT with our guest Joshua Darrington.

Joshua is a young enthusiastic but seasoned business professional with a background in ecommerce and marketing. He recently transitioned into the field of ChatGPT education and has quickly become a top teacher of ChatGPT on Udemy.

With a passion for technology and teaching, Joshua is dedicated to helping others understand and utilize the power of ChatGPT in their own businesses and projects.

In this podcast, we explore the new world of ChatGPT, and are looking to Joshua to find out exactly why it is all the rage, what exactly is ChatGPT and how it can be applied to various business and technology solutions.

Like us, for many ChatGPT is something that has just burst on the scene, but it has actually been in development for sometime. Since the awareness of it is now just hitting the mainstream, this is a good time to get familiar with the How, What and Why of ChatGPT.

Like many business people, Joshua came to ChatGPT trying to learn about it and figure out how to apply it to business. In the process of learning and discovery, he decided to put his learning, knowledge and experience into a course:

Joshua’s passion for ChatGPT really came out during our podcast, and although he is still learning about ChatGPT, he has already built up a fantastic base of knowledge and use cases that are very targeted on SMB businesses and the marketing challenges they face.

In our podcast we go over some of the ChatGPT basics, and then dive deeper into use cases and how the technology works:

0:32 - Introduction to Joshua Darrington.
1:00 - What is ChatGPT?
5:34 - How many data sets do you have in GPT?
9:47 - How sensitive is GPT to grammatical errors?
14:17 - How does GPT decide which data sets to use at which moment?
19:56 - How to use Chat GPT for e-mails.
24:48 - What’s the difference between prompt engineering and prompt writing?
29:12 - The art of Chat GPT is the art of understanding how to apply it.
34:43 - Where do the coding answers come from?
39:25 - Chat GPT as an opportunity for business people.
44:01 - When should you get in the AI space?
49:18 - How to use GPT for marketing content writing.
56:30 - The importance of being knowledgeable and educated about Chat GPT.
56:30 – The importance of being knowledgeable and educated about Chat GPT.

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ChatGPT - Where to Start - How, What and Why
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